Personal Logo

I created this logo in a personal branding project. After lots of idea exploration I landed on the idea of using my last name "Oliver" and the concept of being ripe/ready for a career in graphic design. I mimicked the smooth lines found in olive oil [what a ripe olive becomes] and used it in my design.


Salem Tea

A project where a season-based tea company needed a logo. This company was created to use the seasonal herbs that complement seasonal mental trials. 

There's more! Click here to see the full project.


Kay Rosé

A project in which I created a fictional company called “Kay” that produced rosé. This company was based on my grandmother who knew the importance of taking a refreshing brake and enjoying the simple moments in life.

May Multimedia

This is a logo I created for a client who was in the art of multimedia and animation. They wanted something clean, modern, and somehow showed that it was a post-film video editor without making it too obvious. This was my design solution.