Christmas Posts

These are some of my favorite social media graphics made for the holiday season. They were created in the year of 2020 while the Covid-19 Pandemic was very new. It felt good to try and bring some cheer back into social media posts and brighten up all of our viewer's feed.



Working for the Salvation Army allowed my to illustrate multiple texts including some from Philippians. This was used to provide some solace in the difficult times that the Covid Pandemic presented.


Home of the Brave

Another social media graphic created in celebration of a holiday. The remember the brave men and women who gave us our freedom, I illustrated soldier boots using the colors of our country.

4th of July

A fun illustration I created to celebrate the 4th of July. This was created in just a couple hours using my Ipad and the ProCreate app.


Snake, Dove, & Pig

These are illustrations I made on my own spare time. There was no official project involved, but I enjoyed trying out a new illustration style.