Princess Rosette

One of the most enjoyable projects I have had the priviledge of doing: illustrating & rewriting a childrens’ story book! The story was based on “The Princess Rosette” by Madame d’Aulnoy. I loved finding a unique illustration style of abstract shapes, flowing lines, and bright color combinations. 


One Magazine

A project in which I designer the front & back cover, layout, and created all of the illustrations for the text. I enjoyed breaking away from regulation and diving deeper into the idea of illustration interacting with text.


Suffering then Glory

Having recently written a theological book, my client needed someone to create an attractive book cover to display on amazon, audible, and other formats. After playing around with a multitude of covers ideas, and conferring with my client, we landed on this simplistic, type-based design.

The Art is Long

Designed to attract a scholarly audience, this book cover was created in the Fall of 2020. This book was written to explain the practice of medicine through the ages, and was looking for something to explain the beauty involved in healing. This was my design solution.