The theme of an environmentally friendly program encouraging people to take care of our planet. They held a competition that thousands of designers participated in, and this was my submission.


NWR Flyer

In need of a new flyer to showcase some of their best products, North West Remarketing came to me for a design. Within a couple hours, I collected content, organised information, and formatted it into an aesthetically pleasing flyer that encapsulates the beauty of the North West.


Crypto Promo

A brand new business came to me asking me to format their NFT images into a nice looking poster while using their brand. This is the design I created for them.

Gallery Posters

An artist came to Chemeketa in need of posters to explain her theme for her art. These are the posters I created. I used unique type settings and organic shapes to help make my posters visually stand out to the audience.


Behind the Screens

A postcard I designed for this portfolio show. My Design was not chosen, but I am still proud of  the visuals I created.